Court Management Solutions

CourtCanada offers secure, stable and uniquely responsive court management ('CM') systems that assist Court and Tribunal administrators in managing their business processes, improving performance and promoting access to justice.

Our proprietary technology allows us to deliver custom and semi-custom developed CM systems that support and enhance current processes and work flows, providing authorities with a flexible framework that allows for granular control of process flows and total responsiveness to specific procedural requirements. Our extensible and scalable platform allows our CM systems to respond to future development requirements without disruption as business needs change.

Designed to meet the needs of the Client Tribunal

CourtCanada provides each tribunal with a customizable web site 'portal' through which users access the tribunal's CM system. Individual functional components such as case management, scheduling, electronic filing, document delivery and user access rights can be 'mixed and matched' in accordance with the needs of the tribunal. Examples of possible CM system profiles include:

  • Comprehensive, fully integrated, web-accessible case management systems that provide public access to information and documents and allow users to electronically file documents and reserve Court attendances
  • Internal tribunal management systems targeted at specific challenges such as scheduling, document management or case tracking

Available features & functions

The following is a list of some of the key features and functional components that are available in our CM systems:

  • Case registry
  • Scheduling & Court room management
  • Document management
  • Electronic filing & service
  • E-mail notification
  • Searchability
  • Web page content management
  • Reporting & audit trails
  • Online payment processing
  • Web page content management
  • Bilingual / multilingual capacity
  • Data archiving
  • Security & user access management
  • Custom-developed features

Selected components are seamlessly integrated into a web-based CM system built to meet the exact needs of the client tribunal and its stakeholders, with the capacity to meet future needs as well.

'Software-as-a-Service' & other delivery models

The delivery of fully hosted software applications is known as the 'Software as a Service' (or 'SaaS') model. SaaS solutions are 'web-native' (i.e., designed from the ground up to be accessed through the internet and fully leverage its power). Through the SaaS model, CourtCanada can deliver high-performance software without the complexity, high initial cost and high maintenance and operations costs associated with commercially-licensed or internally-developed systems. SaaS also eliminates the expensive hardware purchases (and periodic obsolescence) associated with software delivered through traditional channels.

CourtCanada can also deliver 'semi-hosted' solutions. An 'application-appliance' is a server that has been preloaded with the CM software and configured to operate from the client's existing hardware infrastructure. Application-appliances can be serviced and maintained remotely, substantially reducing operating costs.

For more information on our CM systems please contact us.