Improved insolvency case management

The InSolve case management system is a web-based software system developed specifically for the administration of Canadian Court-supervised insolvency cases.

Designed for use in CCAA, BIA, receivership and similar proceedings, InSolve provides the "Case Administrator" (i.e., the Court-appointed officer or its counsel) with the ability to quickly and effectively create and manage a case web site. Integrated with each InSolve case web site is an impressive array of sophisticated document and information distribution and management tools. InSolve represents the advanced evolution of our unique case management software system. This stable, secure and incredibly easy-to-use software application streamlines and improves various inefficient, paper-intensive processes such as:

  • Court document service and management;
  • Service list management;
  • Claims process administration;
  • Document distribution; and
  • Creditor and stakeholder communication.

InSolve integrates these processes into a single, seamless, cost-effective case management system. In addition, we've added a host of new features and functions, and improved almost every aspect of system performance including the:

  • Ease of use;
  • Case registration / web site creation process;
  • Web page content management tools;
  • Court document uploading and e-Service;
  • Document and record handling;
  • Claims process administration;
  • e-Service reporting, including "bounce back" and "out of office" e-mail message handling;
  • Case administration tools (e.g., case calendar management, stakeholder communications); and
  • Document search tools.

CourtCanada's insolvency case management system is the only available software capable of meeting the standards in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice Commercial List E-Service & E-Filing Protocol.

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